Sacred Valley Tour at Maras Salt Mines

We pick you up from the lodge and drive you to Moray by a short cut on the way you will enjoy the view of the sacred valley, at 7 km from Maras, we will visit the archaeological site of Moray. Here we will see the greatness of the circular terraces of Inca agriculture.

Sacred Valley at Maras Salt Mines 02 - Peru Quechuas Lodge Ollantaytambo

Moray is a group of circular terraces which was used as an agricultural experimental center. The Incas used it to study the adaptation of plants to new ecosystems. The overlapping circular stone rings widen as they rise and it has a total depth of 150 m.

Afther visiting Moray we continue with our trip to Maras salt mines, which consist of about 3000 small wells with an average area of about 5m2 from which salt is extracted after a drying process. The Salt mines, better known as “Salineras de Maras”, have been exploited since Inca times as a means of economic exchange.

Chinchero it is an ancient inca village we still we can find the andean weaving house of inca style.

After a guided tour, we will continue with the trip to Cusco. The tour is about 6 h 30 min aprox.





From 90 USD (1-3 persons)


Not included: