Rainbow Mountain Hike

The Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) is one of the majestic attractions present on the road to Apu Ausangate, is said to be a place that shows a new opportunity for every one of its visitors, this belief started in the saying (if you want to see the rainbow you have to face the storm first) which teaches us that there is always a reward for our efforts just like a new opportunity.

Rainbow Mountain is categorized by National Geographic as one of the top 100 places you have to visit before you die. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit this marvelous place because in the end life is a wonderful adventure that starts when one really wants.

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Hike to Vinicunca

Hike to the Rainbow Mountain Peru: This adventure starts really early in the morning, at 3:00 am we will come pick you up from your respective hostel to then head out to the town of Pitumarca, south of the city of Cusco, place where we will make a stop to stuck up on necessary things to start our journey. For example: water or energizers, snacks, cereals, etc.

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Breakfast in the Andes

Subsequently to this short stop we will continue with our trip where we will be able to see some beautiful multicolor scenery and crops that blend in between the mysterious mountains, snow peaks, and Andean animals like the llama, alpaca, sheep and vicunas. We will then arrive to the colorful town Chillca, place where we will start our hike to Rainbow Mountain, here we will enjoy a delicious Andean breakfast with the town people.

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Reaching the top of Rainbow Mountain

After our breakfast we will start with a 3 hour hike up the mountain until we get to the town of Machuraccay where we will then keep going up until we reach the Vinicunca hill, place of access control for this mystical place. Continuing with our hike we will pass through a path that will slowly be changing the whole panorama of the intense colors of the mountains and the small cold water streams that feed and give life to this valley.

While on our hike we will observe how the colors of our surroundings will start to change with the climate, we will reach an altitude of 5033 meters above sea level, which is the very top of this mysterious rainbow mountain (Vinicunca). Here we will have enough time to take how many pictures and videos you would like, etc. We will also be able to enjoy our snacks here while we take in how beautiful the scenery around is.

After our time here is up we will start our hike back to the town of Chillca, where we will have lunch. And finally we will return to Cusco at approximately 8:00 pm, where our hike to Rainbow Mountain Perú will come to an end.

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